Teaching an old dog new Snaps! #snapchat

i almost titled this old people can snapchat too.

When I first downloaded snapchat I decided I hated it because it made me feel like a dinosaur. Wtf?! Thanks a lot, app! I have crows feet that have that department covered just fine, thank you very much!

I’ve always considered myself a “young” 30 (don’t we all?), then I opened snapchat and was instantly transported back to 1997 when I was trying to teach my mom how to use the Internet. Only this time – I was on the other side of this – and I didn’t like it.

Damn you, snapchat.

I’ve never liked doing things I wasn’t good at. I’m notorious in my family because as a child, after a victory at family game night I once said, “Yes! I just love being better at things than other people!” #truecolors

Oh man I shouldn’t have admitted that – 6 years old or not! (I’ll probably delete that later… Anyway!) #graciouswinner Don’t judge me – we’ve all got skeletons in our kid closets! I’m sure you said some doozies in your day too. #peopleinglasshouses (also is it cool to use hashtags in blogs?! I’ll have to look into that.)

Well, today is a historic day. I successfully snapchatted. I will make you mine, Snappy! (Unless something cooler comes out, and more user friendly, that we all dump you for.)

So, the moral of the story – you CAN teach an old dog ( ((eeek!)) cringe… nope, I cannot refer to myself as an old dog…)

New moral of the story – you can teach a “young 30 year old” new snaps! (Yup! Much better!)

Exhibit A:

disclaimer: the person i was recording was my husband so it’s totally cool!

PS three cheers for supportive friends! 🎉

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