Whiskey Women

Give me champagne, wine or vodka – anything else I usually refuse – until now.

I always thought whiskey was more of a man’s or “girl-who-sure-can-hold-her-liquor” kind of drink. I was intimidated by it and usually avoided it. So at my weekly “Girl’s Wine Night” with Kim and Ash I was a bit taken aback with Ashley pulled a bottle of Whiskey from her fridge and excitedly said, “You guys! We have to do a shot of this! I love it!”

Oh man… I’ve had people try and convince me before, a total good-time-girl at heart, I always go along with it and happily shoot my shot, “Bottom’s Up!” Then I pray no one notices the horrified face I make as I employ all my throat muscles (that are now on fire) to push this molten hot liquid down the rest of the way till it falls in my stomach and continues to ignite my insides.

So I said, “OK sure” even though inside I was thinking – “this is going to be terrible… can’t we just stick to our white wine??”

I have never been so happy to be wrong!

Fireball Whiskey – I love you! You go down dangerously smooth and make my insides warm rather singed. You don’t taste like Whiskey – you taste like delicious Big Red bubble gum!


Fireball Whiskey

After my initial shock of actually really liking this, I had resigned myself to thinking this must be a “total chick’s whiskey.” One that a real-whiskey-drinking-man would view as “the wine cooler” or “malibu rum” of whiskeys. So who better to test it on than my husband, a real-whiskey-drinking-kind-of-man!

I was sure he’d hate it, but none the less shared my excitement about it with him. I must have made an impression because the next day I came home from work to a full bottle sitting the counter and my hubby ready to put my claims to the test.

So, here I go again, hoping I wasn’t just so drunk off my wine that night that I was wrong about it being so tasty. Nope! Just as tasty and I remembered!

His reaction to shooting it, “Oh wow. That stuff goes down way too easy. That’s some dangerous whiskey!”

I know what I’ll be bringing back home for the holidaze! 🙂