Doxies are my favorite! 

I am shamelessly obsessed with my mini dachshund and I have no idea how many future posts I may dedicate to him. But if I’m being honest, the possibilities are endless.

His name is Frankie James Lucchesi (yes, he has a middle name) and I love him to pieces!

He is snuggly, lovie, a little stinker and I love that he never complains about what I want to watch on TV! Did someone say Real Housewives of Anything Marathon?! We’re there!

Oh and he’s super photogenic, but don’t just take my word for it!

You can follow him on insta @franktheweena or you can follow me for ridiculous amounts of pictures of him there as well I’m @shelbylu_

my view this am

he has mastered the art of snuggling.

a true patriot!

his life is a series of constant naps

pretty sure he’s thinking about how much he loves me right here

don’t be fooled by his size!

im Native American by birth and crazy wiener dog lady by choice so its like this shirt was made for me! shirt by: beangoods

Honestly I could go all day posting pictures of him. This is getting borderline tho, right? I should probably stop. Ok – one more!

the look of love.