Holy Magnum. I’m in love.

It’s no secret that I love ice cream and just when I thought I couldn’t fall any deeper in love – I met this little guy.


Magnum Double Caramel

If that looks like the interior of my car to you, you’d be correct! I was so excited I couldn’t wait until I got all the way home to get my hands on this little baby! It may only be 2 and half miles from the local Fresh & Easy to my place, but I’m not exactly what you would describe as a patient person. That being said, one thing I NEVER do is eat groceries on the drive away from the store, but I rationalized this by reflecting on the commercial for Magnums where Rachel Bilson ate hers on the road. If Rachel Bilson promotes it, who am I to say it’s wrong! I blame them for planting the idea in my head.

Anyway – I did not regret breaking this cardinal rule of “no grocery snacking” in the car. Holy Amazingness!! It’s premium vanilla ice cream hugged in chocolate, cuddled by smooth creamy caramel then wrapped in another crunchy layer of chocolaty goodness. Divine!!

Do yourself a favor and next time you’re at the store and see this box beckoning to you from behind the cold freezer glass – answer the call!


Magnum Double Caramel

Walk over and make it yours! Sooo delish! (Just don’t look at the nutrition facts!) Everyone deserves a little sweet treat every once and a while, but for your waistline’s sake don’t make it a habit – such splendor shouldn’t be an everyday thing anyway!