American Idol who?

I am all about THE VOICE!!


Despite being ridiculously tired of Christina’s gratuitous cleavage – This is my absolute favorite of the vocal competition shows! This is my favorite because it is quite simply the best. I was into American Idol in the beginning – but grew tired of the constant bickering between the self-important judges all shamelessly fighting for more air time than the actual contestants. And X Factor I enjoyed for a few weeks then eventually tired of as well. The Voice is the only one that can hold my attention and keep me entertained as well as inspired!

If you’re not yet watching – it’s not too late to jump in. So far the “blind auditions,” have concluded, but the best is yet to come! The Battle Rounds start next and I’m so excited! The blind auditions are great because you connect with the artists and can appreciate their vocal abilities and learn more about their “stories” – some of which will make you cry no matter how tough you are.

The Battle Rounds are where you see these artists fight for their lives in the competition, leave it all on the stage and give everything they’ve got. I really can’t say enough about how great this show is and how much better it is than the others!

The coaches are hilarious and entertaining and this is the first TV show where I’ve actually participated in voting since Kelly Clarkson’s season of American Idol because it draws you in and takes you through week after week of consistently getting better and better with each episode. It also doesn’t hurt that Adam Levine is one of the most charismatic men on the planet and that smooth Southern Charm that Blake Shelton oozes is another thing I don’t mind…