Holy Hair Miracle.

It’s a PERFECT 10 is more like it!


So before I get into the magic of “It’s A 10” products, I feel that it’s important to mention that my older sister stole all the good genes from the pool and then I was born and got what was left over.

My ridiculously beautiful and (did I mention) older (sorry… youth is one of the few things I have on her…) has perfect hair (among perfect everything else). Yup, my sister is a walking talking Pantene commercial. Actually, she has the type of hair that advertisers photoshop Pantene ads into. Anyway, I digress. The point of this is that she has gorgeous, thick, shiny hair that accounts for 10 pounds of her 100 pound frame. I on the other hand, was not born with her Rapunzel like mane.

This product is a game changer if you’re like me and your hair falls on the more fine side. I might not have Chia-pet-thick hair, but hey my tresses will hold a curl with a rigor mortis death grip fierceness for days on end – so thanks for that!

Anyway, because my hair is on the finer side, I opt for their Volumizing line because it isn’t super heavy and won’t weigh your hair down. I discovered this product about a year ago (sorry I meant to tell you earlier, but went on a hiatus from blogging). After about 3 weeks of using I saw my hair stylist who has known me since she was about 3 or 4 and has been doing my hair for the last few years. The first thing out of her mouth was “What have you been doing differently?! Your hair feels so much thicker and healthier!” Then the next week I saw my colorist, and what do you know – she said the same thing!


This stuff makes your hair ridiculously soft (and who doesn’t love that?!), it smells great and seriously you notice a big difference in a short amount of time. My hair was softer, healthier, more manageable and felt thicker in no time. I buy about 4 bottles of the miracle leave in treatment (my favorite product in the line) and 3 bottles of the Volumizing Shampoo every time I go shopping for it; partly because I’m a hoarder and partly because I’m just so obsessed with it. I totally recommend you try it for yourself, even if your hair isn’t fine and you just want to switch up your routine with a quality product! Happy lather, rinse, repeating, ladies!