Inspector Gadget

While I am by no means an IT wiz kid I am most definitely an apple girl. I love to have the latest and greatest in gadgets, but this is a small window of opportunity to try and attain this day in age. One reserved for the die hard chic geeks out there with limitless budgets, which I am not. To top it off this expensive window is only available for about 6 months and then you’re “so last season” – so, you snooze you loose.

I usually snooze… but not this time!

There are few things I hate more in life than lines – but apparently I was able to find something: phone ridicule. So, for the first time in my life I waited in line for a phone – but not just any phone, the iPhone 5. Gasp! Well you would too if you were rocking a 3GS still like I was! Whatever… I didn’t want to waste my upgrade on a 4s.



So I am loving having the 5, but not as much for the technical upgrades, instead for an entirely different reason. My fingers happily prance around the screen of my new phone because after a year of being shamed by coworkers and curious onlookers whenever using my 3GS I can finally avoid phone shame. Hallelujah.

My favorite features so far are the turn by turn directions (so long garmins of the world!) and facetime because I can facetime with my little niece Lila, although she is far less impressed with seeing me in her mom’s phone than she is when Facetiming with Elmo. So our facetime chat’s have evolved to me reducing myself to making funny faces at her. Anything for a cheap laugh! The things I do for that little peanut!