“Just Because”

There is a saying, “Chocolates say, ‘I love you,’ Flowers say, ‘I’m sorry.” I think that can be a very accurate statement, but I think it sells flowers short. Flowers can say all sorts of things! They can even say nothing at all – and even then they are saying something. Case in point, “Just Because Flowers.”

I love getting “Just Because” flowers from my husband. I think it’s incredibly sweet and romantic that someone who is legally bound to me still wants to woo me and do little things to brighten my day, make me smile and remind me that I am adored.

“Just Because” Flowers are one of the best little surprises that can show up in your house and I’m so happy these little dandies showed up this week courtesy of my romantic and thoughtful husband. White roses, my favorite flower from my favorite Italian hunk! 😉