This little light of mine

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am candle obsessed.

I have a pantry full of candles waiting in the wings to be lit. But don’t take my word for it… Here’s a picture of a “few” of my 3 wicks.


These are the from the bath and body works candle collection. I love these because they burn clean, smell fantastic and are very affordable.

I started my candle hoarding with these, but my all time favorite candles come from Anthropology.

This weekend while cruising through Anthro I found a new favorite I had to add to my collection. It’s from one of my favorite candle lines, Voluspa.

It goes by the name Saijo Persimmon and it smells ah-MAZING!


Voluspa is one of my favorite candle brands. They are richly fragrant, they’re made of apricot and coconut wax so they burn beautifully, are packaged in beautifully patterned tins and they are also affordable.

If you like a fresh, slightly sweet and fruity scent, you’ll love Saijo Persimmon too! The peachy and red currant scents create a delightful party for my senses and make me happy while making my house smell glorious!